Suggestion: For Export>Download

Currently Export>Download simply downloads a JSON file under a generic name to the PC Downloads folder. It would be much more flexible if when selecting "Download" it opens a the file browser window allowing the JSON file to be saved to a project folder with a user specified name. This feature would allow an old file to be over written, or by selecting an old file and modifying the name then saving the new version. This feature would also obviate the need for the copy-to-clipboard.

"copy to clipboard" is the most used option by far - especially when sharing code via the forum... so that will be staying...

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You can set your browser to ask you for a filename when saving (certainly in Chrome based ones)

I have all mine set that way


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Thanks for the suggestion. I prefer Firefox so I'll need to see if it has the same capability, it's not based on Chromium.

UPDATE: Bingo! Firefox has the same capability. Thanks cymplecy.


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