Export flows into library creates file with out base name

Way to reproduce:-

When we export a flow into the library and give file name with a trailing slash. That time Node-Red creates .json file with out base name.


We can't see the exported flow in import library option


We can validate the filename in the export library modal itself if it's not valid then we notify the user to give correct name.

shall I create a pull request for this.

  • Node-RED version: 0.19.5

Hi - this has already been raised here - https://github.com/node-red/node-red/issues/1985 - and I see you've commented there. Any discussion should happen on the issue.

Thanks for the reply knolleary.

I got your point, I have fixed the issue and don't know how I can rise pull request can you please give me the guideline for that.

In contributing doc, they said the PR will get rejected if the issue was not discussed in the forum.

That is more for new features etc. Where there is already an issue on the tracker to host the discussion, that is a better venue.

There are lots of guides on github.com for raising PRs. You'd be best served reading their help rather than have me or anyone here type it all out.