Allow multiple users and inputs to dashboard

Currently with node-red dashboard widgets, I noticed that if a user makes selections from drop-down widgets for example, another user with access to the dashboard can overwrite the selections simultaneously. What would be a solution to this problem to make sure every user are making their own selections and changes on the dashboard without changing entries from other users?

The dashboard is not multi-user. The widgets all feed and get fed from the same backend so yes when you set the state of one widget it sets it for all.

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@dceejay thank you for the quick response. In that case, I would like to propose improvements to the ui-form node. The ui-form node is unique in that it allows multiple users to be filling out the same form and submitting it simultaneously while every user is sending their own message without altering the message from the other user. The current ui-form is pretty basic, adding dropdown menu, some dynamic fields that change based on selections, multiple choice radio buttons, etc, will greatly enhance the experience.

the form is basic as it has to be composed via the configuration ui. If you can come up with a way to add a dropdown element that itself allows for multiple options in a manner that is easy for user to understand then I would be happy to consider it. Likewise radio buttons have to be linked to each other so need some form of grouping that needs to be accommodated within the existing ui. I

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