Alternative to Radio buttons

Just throwing out a general question.
With Radio Buttons not being available as part of standard Node Red, what are folk using as a suitable alternative? Seems like it was a decision made some years ago as not considered necessary, however neither a switch, dropdown or a check box can really match what a radio button does.

I have been able to create radio buttons with a default preset button checked but it doesn't have the same look and feel as 'standard' node Red.

Hence the question as to what folk use instead.

Have a look at this topic: EXAMPLE (template) - displaying a list using Radio buttons, returning the selection, reversing the selection

I have already been involved in that thread where I showed the code. I am just asking as to what folk use as an alternative to 'home brewed' radio buttons.

Hi David,
Since the radiobutton allows you to select a single value from a series of available values, I assume an alternative is a simple dropdown ...

A radio button allows you to see a clear and obvious default value as it is displayed 'checked'.
A dropdown doesn't really provide that same capability. The best you can do is to set msg.payload to be a preselected choice in a dropdown but it isn't really as intuitive - it is just presented as the first item in a list and doesn't clearly denote a default. When users see a dropdown - they tend to click on it to see what is hidden.
Maybe I am being picky! I do think (personally) that the omission of a radio button capability in the dashboard in Node Red is rather odd.

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