An Android dashboard for Node-red/MQTT?

This looks like a possible alternative to VPNs etc to access a simple dashboard from the internet.

The app IoT MQTT Panel (I'm using the free tier) lets you create basic dashboards with charts, buttons, gauges etc, all having a similar appearance to Node-red dashboard widgets.
It sends and receives data over MQTT.

My first dashboard monitoring my Victorian conservatory :wink:

looks like this

On the Node-red end I just need to forward sensor data from local Mosquitto to a cloud based MQTT broker such as hivemq and to subscribe to that broker for input to NR from the app.


Wow, should we be calling you Lord Jbudd?! :rofl:

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No need to stand on ceremony. Sir is just fine :wink:


Is that a VPD ?? (Virtual Private Djungle)

Looks fantastic, if it is yours, I can only gratulate!!

It's Kibble Palace,Glasgow Botanic Gardens

see my post regarding the same app: MQTT Dashboard for Android devices

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Ah, I see, there is also an IOS version available now!

I hadn't seen it, but I have done now, thanks :grinning:

Wow!! I am so envious!