Mobile phone and MQTT

Maybe not the right place to ask, but.....

How easy is it to put MQTT on a mobile phone to send messages?

So when things happen, it sends a message (publishes) to a known host.

I use this app (Android):

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I apologise. I am only wanting to publish to the ..... broker.

I have Tasker installed and found a plugin for it.

I have it working. Just installed it and sent a message.

On to next part of the journey!

Smart phone charging station.

You can get a pretty full blown node-red on an Android phone with Termux and Termux-API from the play strore followed by apt install o fthe node-red components.

Just something to file away for future reference if you weren't aware of it. I use it and a cheap android phone with TING "pay as you go" service to Send SMS messages via MQTT messages to by central broker.

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Works well using Node-RED on Termux, I've used it as an alternative to OwnTracks just to see if it worked, which it did and was easy to set up.