MQTT Dashboard for Android devices

In addition to my Node-RED dashboard, which is displayed on my PCs, tablets or smartphones, but is only available in the internal network for security reasons, I have tested various MQTT-based dashboards on my Android smartphone and ultimately selected the "IoT MQTT Panel (pro)" app.

My MQTT configuration allows access from the Internet to my MQTT broker, whereby (only) external access requires both SSL encryption and username and password.

The app allows access to multiple MQTT brokers (I only use my own), and offers a number of panels that form a dashboard, with multiple dashboards being selectable by tapping at the top or bottom of the screen (depending on the setting). Dashboards and panels can be recreated or duplicated and the complete configuration can be saved and restored for transfer to another smartphone.

The MQTT connection is very stable, changes to MQTT topics are displayed very quickly, and the smartphone's power consumption has not increased noticeably.

The app does not allow rules like: "If topic x = 0 and topic y > 100, then set the LED to off". Here the programmer relies on external applications such as Node-RED, which can process and output MQTT messages. This makes sense from my point of view, since such queries can become quite complex and can be achieved much more easily in Node-RED or similar programs.

However, the Pro version of the app allows notifications to be sent to the smartphone under certain MQTT conditions. In addition, there are no ads in the Pro version, otherwise there are no further restrictions in the free version.

The Auto has a blog where he responds to questions and issues and also announces bugs reported through program updates:

He announced an IOS version for Apple devices in the blog in August 2023 as "very soon".

Two Screenshots:

(Originally posted in german on my Smarthome blog and translated by Google Translator for this post)


The app looks good, but Ā£8.50 is a bit steep!

In my PDA times (Palm Pilot, Windows PDA) I would have been grateful for this low price. :grin:
But this is no recurring price and I wanted to support the developer! I think the quality and stability is worth this price.
If you can accept the ads, use the free version.

[Edit] The author writes as reply to a similar comment in Google Play store:

Most of the features are available in free version. The pro version is more likely an way of showing appreciation of my hard work. The additional features of pro version are mentioned in the User Guide. It must be noted that target audience of this kind of app is very less. I think that justify the price tag.

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