An error occurred while installing node-red on Synology NAS

How to solve this error ?

npm WARN deprecated axios@0.27.0: Formdata complete broken, incorrect build size

That isn't an error, it is a warning. Does something not work?

OK. I found my mistake.
Seems to be a permissions issue
I gave the command "node-red" "node-red-start" nothing worked
Finally gave the command "sudo node-red"
node-red started

That is probably the worst way to start node-red. What operating system is the NAS running on?

Synology DS118

how can i check the operating system?

The Synology NAS's run a custom version of Linux. with a limited shell for command line access.

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Thank you @TotallyInformation!
Looks like the question should be:
"How do I install node-red on a Synology NAS?"

but i have another Synlogy NAS DS418-play is working good.
I Don;t know this DS118 no goot to install.

Yes, and I've done that in the past but not for a very long time. The Synology NAS's are often memory bound and loading other services can really make performance crawl. Though maybe the newer devices are better. Mine has a Celeron and I upgraded the RAM but with 3TB of data and handling a bunch of both in and outbound backups, that is more than enough on my poor old NAS. :smile_cat:

The Synology lets you install node.js from its GUI. So that takes care of that. But the command line is quite limited and you might not have any choice but to run as root. Also, it doesn't have a modern systemd service so you will need to look up legacy ways to get node-red running. The Synology forum is pretty good as is the Reddit forum.

The DS118 only has 1GB of RAM so if you have a lot of files on there, you will likely struggle with performance if you try to run other services.

this DS-118 only to run node-red.
to do KNX logic op

for cost reasons DS-118 + 240GB SSD = NT$ 6,000
Pi 4 NT$ 8,000

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This is probably the biggest trouble.
node-red is installed in the root folder.
Only root can start..
Is there a good way to direct node-red /pm2 /.. to be installed in the Homes folder?


node-red on a synology works great as a docker container.

After using a synology dsm for a long time, I would NOT install a thing which is not a synology-package (community packages included)... you will have a hard time every new patch of the syno-OS is released.

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