Angular theme changing from dark to light spontaneously

After several flow deploys - subj. situation is happening.
It's bug I think.

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If you can narrow down the circumstances so that we can repeat it then we can investigate.

I think you can get this issue if you will set the dark angular theme, make some little changes in flow with deploy after each changing.
Usually i get this issue after 5-8 deploys (change-deploy) - theme becomes light.

Nope - rock solid for me.

I'll try to find dependences...

I think i get it:
as you can see theme set to dark (i just now change it from lite after login):

now if i logout from the admin interface and login again it becomes LIGHT:

ok... i'm changing it from light to dark again and deploy flows... and it's dark again..
but if i even don't logout and just press F5 (refresh admin page in browser) - theme becomes light again!!!

It turns out that I got the wrong impression that this happens after flows deploy, but it turns out that this happens both when the page is refreshed and when login.

looks like this property always set to default (light) after admin page reload or after login

I see that you are not using the Node-RED theme, you are using the Angular theme

yes i do and i wrote about this from the begining...

Here is how to reproduce it:

  1. go to dashboard tab in sidebar
  2. select the Site tab
  3. change the fourth Options from Node-RED theme everywhere to Angular theme everywhere
  4. select the Angular tab
  5. change the Light / Dark option to 'Dark'
  6. do a Deploy
  8. go to dashboard tab in sidebar
  9. select the Angular tab
    At this point you should see that the Light / Dark option shows Light (default) however, the dashboard is still currently dark but if you do a deploy, the darhboard reverts to Light because that is what now is in the option.
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Option is saving after deploy, but revert to light after restart NR, relogin, refresh admin interface...

Great - if/as it's repeatable can you raise it as an issue on the dashboard project so we can track it. Thanks

Ok, i'll do it.