[Announce] Dashboard 2.30.0

Mostly just small bug fixes - but added a Site option to let swipe open and close the menu rather than actually move tabs (or do nothing).
I have also disabled mouse swipe so that text fields can now be copied/cut correctly - now touch events only.
Also a fix to allow exporting spacers correctly - but sadly requires a fix in core so that will need Node-RED v2 (coming soon)


  • Add site option to allow swipe to open/close side menu, instead of moving tabs.


  • Fix dropdown to allow use of id property if selecting an object. Issue #707
  • Activate deploy button on any change to site options (even a non-change)
  • Fix spacer node to be on tab so can be exported as part of the tab (needs NRv2)
  • Try to handle disabled groups and tabs more cleanly.
  • Disable mouse for swipe actions - only use touch events.

As usual please ensure you really flush the client browser cache to get the latest changes.


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