[Announce] Dashboard Version 2.15.0, 1 , 2


Just a few tiny updates and fixes this time, so small you may not notice or need them.


  • Allow ui_chart to have many more options set by control message, see config-fields.md
  • Allow ui.middleware in settings.js to specify middleware for use with dashboard endpoint. See PR #209 for example usage.


  • Ensure msg.enabled applies to all themes. Issue #481
  • Ensure theme applies to popup dialog alerts also.
  • Ensure slider only sends on mouse up when in that mode. Issue #490

If I'm correct then the API exposes now theme properties and site sizes
Helpful addition for custom ui-widget development


And now have released 2.15.1 and .2 with some small fixes to issues raised


  • Fix legend being visible when it should not be. Issue #494
  • Fix ui_text_input time mode to accept and passthrough input correctly. Issue #495
  • Fix theme to better handle new ui_list node switch styles.
  • Fix built in fa-icons font paths


After I upgraded it to the latest version, but I want to try some things on the older version eg 2.14.0. How to return to the older version.
Is there a wiki to guide this? Sorry if this topic is already in the forum.

Thank you.


Same as any npm package npm i node-red-dashboard@2.14.0