[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-covid19

First of all i want to thank @BartButenaers for helping me understand the 'functionality of custom nodes'.
After couple of days of writing code and debuginig i managed to create a first beta version (some of functionality was ejected, as i couldn`t resolve some errors).

You can check the code @ github

Had some problems when uploading the package to npm regarding of ` Package name triggered spam detection' so i emailed the support and they allowed me to upload.

This is a simple node to gather statistics regarding of COIVD-19 (Corona) virus cases.
It was just a small project for me, after someone on facebook left me a comment with github page on COVID19 JSON file.



Morning Vukmirovic,

I must admit that I am really impressed. When I compare your Node-RED knowledge level today and a few weeks ago, it is amazing to see how much you have learned from experimenting and reading code from other people. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Nice to have you in the community, and keep up the good work!

P.S. Probably you already know, but just in case: if you ever publish your final version (after your beta's), don't forget to add the "node-red" keyword in your package.json file. Otherwise it will not appear in the Node-RED palette. But indeed for a beta version you don't want it to appear in the palette.


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If you ever manage to build up some partnership with @BartButenaers, all the best and a bit more will be squeezed out from you but in the very nice and friendly way.
To improve your powers and discover your hidden skills, work with Bart


Well, actually I wasnt very happy myself with the code I wrote . Especially where I needed to fetch the JSON file two times in the js file (variable result was returning undefined couldn't figure out why as I declared it globally and literally made 20+ changes in the code to try to fetch only on node input, but I didn`t manage to do it). And decide to push it to npm.js but not for node-red
And the server for pulling statistics is not very reliable as it gets offline several times a day.
And, of course, any recommendation for improvement of the node is needed.

Damn, busted :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I understand that you call it as soon as an input message arrives, but why do you need to get it when your node is started? Perhaps you can explain this a bit more in details, so we can help you with it ...

Version 1.1.0 is available on NPM
I fixed the issue of using msg,covid19 and changed it to just msg.covid
And the node is not running fetch on deployment anymore :smiley:
And I also fixed some errors and status messages.

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Most people seem to be using the data published by Johns Hopkins which comes from the original WHO data. I've used that myself in an example flow and in a spreadsheet I'm using as a test to myself of using Excel PowerQuery, pivot tables and charts. I combined that with standard population data so that I could do things like normalise the number of cases as a % of population. Some useful mental exercises more than really taking the numbers too seriously since there are far too many variables for the numbers to be all that accurate.

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Hi, thank's...I want to try your node...for my dashboard!

Very goood

Great :smiley: if you have any issues or anything you can submit them at Github

Version 2.0.0 is on npmjs
-added two new nodes
-the first node (COVID-19) is renamed (may cause a crash in the flow)

  • All of the nodes are located under COVID19 category

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