[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-image-output (major version)

Hi folks,

A new attempt to reduce my Node-RED todo list ...

Good news for the users that are experimenting with cameras and other image related stuff. The last two weeks I have been spending some time with our friend Dave (@dceejay) to create a new major version for the node-red-contrib-image-output node.

So LOTS of thanks to Dave for reviewing all my pull request, criticize them, demolish them, re-implement them, and finally publish them on NPM :joy:

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Beside to buffers and base64 encoded strings, now it also allows Jimp image objects as input.

  • It is now possible to resize the images automatically (on the server side) to their final thumbnail size, to reduce the amount of data traffic that needs to be send - across the websocket channel - to the flow editor. Because this node causes very rapidly a non-response browser session by overloading the websocket ...

  • The streaming of the images (at server side) can be stopped and (re)started by a simple click on the button:


  • The thumbnail image is automatically hidden, when no image is being supplied.

  • The readme page has been extended with example flows and demo's.

This new version is available on NPM already:


Now this really has become the 'Debug' node for images ...
Have fun with it!!

Dave & Bart