[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-libjpeg-turbo v1.0.1 released

Hi folks,

While experimenting with my outdoor camera's, I needed a node to encode and decode the jpeg images arriving from my MJPEG camera streams.

Therefore I have now implemented the node-red-contrib-libjpeg-turbo node :champagne: :tada: :partying_face:
Version 1.0.1 is now available in the palette.

In the following demo you can see - althought it is pretty dark at the moment in Europe - the node being used for both decoding and afterwards encoding of an mjpeg stream of 15 images per second (arriving via my multipart-stream-decoder node) on my poor Raspberry Pi 4:


Of course this is a pure theoretical demo, but it shows a bit of how it can be used...

Note that there will be quite a lot of CPU consumption involved, even though this node is based on the highly optimized libjpeg-turbo/ C library...

Have fun with it!!

Hey Bart, could you elaborate why this node was needed??

decode a jpeg image (which is fetched from the internet) to raw image pixels

You do some surgery on the pixel level ??
Best regards, Walter

PS If you eventually need to mask some parts of an image, you can use OpenCV

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Hi Walter,

For example when I want to do object detection on my images with my Coral TPU stick, that stick requires raw images in format 300x300 for the model I am using. So I need to have a way to decompress my jpeg images to raw images. And since my Raspberry 4 has quite limited resources, I need to have something that is fast and does not use all of my CPU. This library is until now the best I found. Although CPU usage is still quite high, but the best (= less worst) I found ...