[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-random-event-generator

I have uploaded a new node to npm, node-red-contrib-random-event-generator.

From the README:
This node generates events (messages) at intervals drawn from a random distribution. By default, an exponential distribution is used, where the probability of a given interval between events is an exponentially decreasing function of the length of the interval. This is the behaviour displayed by radioactive decays, noise in electronic devices, and other physical phenomena. Alternatively, the probability distribution can be chosen to be uniform in a selected range.

The node has been useful in testing the operation of message queues and in Monte-Carlo simulation of physical systems. It can be downloaded from npm, GitHub, or the palette manager.

I am grateful to @Colin for advice on an early version of this project.


Hi - we prefer a red ring for stopped events - so it changes shape as well as colour. (for those that are red/green colour blind)

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Thanks, good catch. I usually run web pages through one of the online tools to check for this, but it had not occurred to me to worry about it with NR. Fixed in version 0.0.2.

I have a couple of other nodes where the text changes as well as the color. Do you think I should have them change the shape also?

Depends if they are different states, or just informational

Different states: open/closed in node-red-contrib-simple-gate and open/closed/queueing in node-red-contrib-queue-gate. It probably would be a good idea to make the change, then.

[UPDATE] Changes made in:
node-red-contrib-simple-gate v0.1.7
node-red-contrib-queue-gate v1.0.3