[MAJOR RELEASE] node-red-contrib-random-event-generator (version 1.0.0)

This node generates events (messages) at intervals drawn from a random distribution. The new version incorporates several major changes that have proven useful in testing and simulation work.

  • The user can now select a gaussian (normal) distribution with specified mean and standard deviation as the source of intervals between events. This is in addition to the previously available exponential and uniform distributions.

  • The edit dialog has been simplified to show only the parameters associated with the selected distribution.

  • The generator can be configured so that, once started by a control message, it will either stop after sending a specified number of events or continue to run until a stop or toggle command is received.

  • Each event (message) has been given a new property, msg.count, which is its position in the sequence of messages sent since the generator was last started.

  • Each new message is now cloned from the previous one, so the user is free to modify any message without affecting previous or subsequent ones.

  • The README file and example flow have been updated to reflect these changes and to provide a limited amount of information about the numerical methods used.

In many cases, version 1.0.0 will be backward compatible with the previous version, but this cannot be guaranteed. This has been released as version 1.0.0 because the changes are extensive and the project is expected to be stable for the foreseeable future. Please report bugs or leave suggestions here or on GitHub.