How to generate Poisson distribution?

I am working on a project and I want to generate events in Poisson distribution form, the "event node" doesn't support Poisson, could you help me Please.

I don't recognise that node. Did you install this from the palette? If you look at the entry for this node in the flows library, there should be a link to the repository where you can ask the author for this additional feature.

I never used it, but did you try this node:

@Steve-Mcl, the node in question is node-red-contrib-random-event-generator.

@Salarj, please see my comment on the issue you raised on GitHub. If you want to continue this discussion, please do so either here or on GitHub, not in both places.

@mickym2, it is my impression that the node you mentioned provides values of the Poisson distribution, not events.

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Thank you Dear for your response.
I saw your answer on GitHub.
your sincerely

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