[Announce] node-red-contrib-redplc-piface (1.0.6)

Module node for PiFace Digital Hat.
PiFace Digital more info


I0.0 : On Switch
I0.1 : Off Switch

Q0.0 : Motor 1
Q0.1 : Motor 2
Q0.2 : Warn Lamp for Motor 2

Rung 01:
Pressing On Switch (I0.0) set memory M0.0 and holds with contact M0.0
Pressing Off Switch (I0.1) resets memory M0.0

Rung 02:
If memory M0.0 is set, turn Motor 1 (Q0.0) on

Rung 03:
If memory M0.0 is set, triggers Timer T0 (TP set to 5s) and turn Motor 2 (Q0.1) on
After 5s Motor 2 (Q0.1) turns off

Rung 04:
If memory M0.0 is set and Motor 2 (Q0.1) on, set Timer T1 (TPI set to 1s) and blinks Lamp (Q0.2)