Piface flow demo

Who can show me a GOOD working demo with Piface in basic form

As I understand it, Piface produce a range of plugin hardware interfaces for the Pi, so you would have to ask about a specific Piface product I believe.
The node-red flows site finds three nodes when searching for piface, do any of those help?

Colin Thanks
I try to interface
a working piface in node-red
rpi-piface out en rpi-piface in in flow
And therefore looking for a FLOW with this elements and the config for those elements?
I hope you got enough information to help me

Which piface node are you trying to use? node-red-contrib-pifacecad, node-red-node-piface or node-red-contrib-piface-digital? If you don't know then look in Manage Palette to see what you have installed.

Also which piface product are you using?

I try



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The node readme seems fairly clear. Have you setup the pre-requisites as described there? If yes then what have you tried and what doesn't work?

Ok thanks. I will try this setup you mentioned


I should deltree in i raspi-config.

But i cannot find that issue

and the next command is also negative

but i keep trying



Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

It seems you are right and the docs are out of date. I have submitted an issue for this.
Even more serious, possibly, on the wiringpi site I found
" WiringPi did once supportthe PiFace board but support for that is now very much out of date."
So I suggest that maybe you look at the other piface options on the node-red flows site.

I write the a new piFace node and publish this with other nodes next week. :wink:

@iiot2k do you mean you are going to update node-red-node-piface? That would be great.

No, its new and works with global variables.
Its a part of a subsystem.
If you need a node that works same as node-red-node-piface node, I can add a second version of this node to github.

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