PI-PLATES - Assistance

Got Node-Red loaded on and RPI 4. Got the pi-plates palette installed.

Has someone have a relay Pi-plate example?

@hs10 Welcome to the forum Larry!

Couple things. When asking a question, to save the time of pwople who are going to colunteer their time to help you, it;s's a good idea to provide enough for them to help. For example you want to know about pi-plates. Knowing the node you are using would be helpful it will be someting lie node-red-contrib-????
Secondly making sure you have done the prerequisites for the node and done a google search.

Searching with 'pi-plates node-red' points me to node-red-contrib-pi-plates and in it it says:

First, make sure the Pi-Plates stack is working with the standard python interface by following the Getting Started setup steps here. Note: this package requires python 3.x provided by the 'python3' command, so follow all the python3 instructions for the Pi Plates library and ignore the 2.x variants. The node actually uses a python script under the hood (similar to the stock gpio node) so if the Pi Plates python interface isn't setup and working, then this will not work either.

Have you instaled python3 and followed the "Getting Started' link?
I also find it useful to go to the 'Issues' section of the GitHub page for the node to see what others have run into and if there are solutions.


Thanks, I have the Pi-Plates working with python and can access all board functions. It would be great to see a very simple example of Node-Red to just turn a relay on & off.

I would suggest you play with the nodes that are provided with the node or you could open an issue on GitHub asking for an example flow. That would be something useful for the node to have.

There are also a couple threads that mention Pi-Plates so you might get some ideas reading them

Or you could send the device to me and I’ll play with it :joy:

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