Tutorials: Node-RED and Pi-Plates

Hey guys,

My name is Jerry Wasinger and about six years ago I started developing a line of products for the Raspberry Pi called Pi-Plates:

These are a family of stackable and interchangeable add-on boards that provide affordable data acquisition and control functions (DAQC) for both general purpose and industrial applications. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Harsch and others, they are supported by an expanding palette of nodes for Node-RED. To help y'all get started (we're based in Georgia), we have written a couple of simple tutorials on using Node-RED with Pi-Plates. The first explains the basics while the 2nd one focuses on adding a simple dashboard. Check them out at:

There is more to come so let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Jerry Wasinger
Founder, Pi-Plates


Hello Jerry, nice to meet you.

How about a few words here on what pi-plates is?

Otherwise your post is a bit like those "Hey I saw this rilly cool site and thort of you!" messages that pop up from time to time.

Done! Thanks for the suggestion!

I have used several of the Pi-Plates products with Node-RED for the past few years and have had very good success with them. The most common one we have is the ThermoPlate, which is used to capture thermocouple readings (type K or type J).

Nice work Jerry and Mike.

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