Pi Hat for Thermocouple measurement

I wish to use a Raspberry Pi for monitoring Type K thermocouples. One device I found for this is a Pi Hat made by Measurement Computing. I asked them about support for Node-RED and they said they never heard of that. However, given that they have built and provide some software for their product, I presume it could be straightforward to use an existing node to get that data. I do not know or use C/C++ or Python, but I figure for what I am trying to do (get the temps to display in Node-RED), I can get through it. Can anyone chime in on this? Maybe there is another such product that is easier to configure?

I have asked them about support for Node-RED too, but it doesn't sound like they plan to. The next best options I've found are:
Pi-Plates (Thermo-plate $40/8-ch) https://pi-plates.com/thermoplate/
Adafruit 1-wire board ($15/1-ch) https://www.adafruit.com/product/1727

They are what I will try when I need thermocouples.


They seem to have python example code that could be called direct from an exec Nide, or it could be extended to report via mqrt (via a broker). It !at even be possible to divert their c++ logging example to a temp file and tail that.

Thank you. The Pi-Plates (and indeed even their other products) look to be better and less expensive than those from Measurement Computing. I will report back once I have it up and running.

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