PiFace digital 2

Hey there.
i need some help with my raspberry pi 3+ and piface digtital 2.
I have made a control box with a lot of buttons (in) and a 24 volt led light (out)

i have used piface digital 2 emulator and seen that all mine in and out putts work.
Well I would to do it in node red.
I can't get it to work, what do I do wrong.??

I get this error whit spi off

8 Jul 15:48:42 - [error] [rpi-piface in: 11c41607.99f6fa] Error: Command failed: gpio -p mode 202 tri
Unable to open SPI device: No such file or directory
8 Jul 15:48:46 - [error] [rpi-piface out: de506c6b.6756d] Error: Command failed: gpio -p write 201 1
Unable to open SPI device: No such file or directory

i get this error whit spi on

Error: "gpio load spi" command failed. Check device tree is disabled.
8 Jul 16:11:23 - [warn]

I have been reading and reading
and my progam must start with one of these download inside
Wiring Pi


There are four ways to initialize wiring.

int wiringPiSetup (void);
int wiringPiSetupGpio (void);
int wiringPiSetupPhys (void);
int wiringPiSetupSys (void);
One of the setup functions must be called at the start of your program or your program will fail to work correctly. You may experience symptoms from simply not working to problems and timing issues.

do the node-red starte one of them op when it starts?

I hope someone who can help
etc. MM

Have you enabled SPI on your raspberry?

sudo raspi-config



yes and get this error

Did read the readme of the node before you installed it?

See flows.nodered.org and search for the node

hey i have install ol of them. see foto
i am not sure whit node you mean i have forgotten

The section of pre-reqs which specifically mentions how to disable the device tree

hi it's not to sound sour but the page i am looking at is 2 years and 10 months old and when i try to find something about Device Tree in the raspi-config then there is nothing
what is it and i can't find anything called it

advanced%20options Device%20Tree

then select the Advanced Options, then Device Tree (there is memory split), and finally select No and OK. You will then need to reboot

Then open an issue against the node to get the docs updated.

And try googling on how to turn off the device tree

thanks i do that
Thank you for responding