[ANNOUNCE] Node-RED Desktop v1.2.0 Released

Hi all,

I released Node-RED Desktop v1.2.0 .
This release includes Node-RED 1.2.2.

If you have interested in Node-RED Desktop, Please try it.



What is Node-RED Desktop

Node-RED Desktop is a desktop application of Node-RED for windows/mac.

You can

  • easily setup Node-RED on your desktop.
    • with one click installer and auto updater
  • quickly create and discard a flow many times.
    • with standard file menu.
  • easily publish the public HTTP endpoint and integrate with cloud services.
    • with embeded ngrok.
  • easily create a custom node
    • with node-red-nodegen, and bundled npm commands

And also,

You can use almost all powerful and useful Node-RED features


Great, thanks for keeping your NRD up to date. :+1:

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