[ANNOUNCE] Pekfinger-RED (Svelte-based web-framework for Node-RED)

Hi all,

we developed a small web-framework which is basically Svelte for Node-RED: Pekfinger-RED.

It is still under heavy development, but should be usable already. Anyway: Of course you shouldn't use it in production right now. But feel free to try it. And any feedback that helps us improving it is very welcome!

BTW: This is neither meant as a replacement for node-red-dashboard nor for node-red-contrib-uibuilder. Instead it follows a different approach: You can define web-pages and actions to interact with the client. And all (server-side) interaction is defined through flows. And the best: The resulting App is a Progressive Web App (PWA) by default. :slight_smile:

Take a look at it's NPM-Page to get a better impression.

I hope you like it!


PS: It was freshly published to NPM. So it might take some time to show up in Node-RED's flow library.


Sample screenshots???

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You find screenshots and description on its NPM-page respectively on the Gitlab-page.

Anyway, find a sneak preview here:

BTW: Screenshots of apps (in case you meant that) are not that relevant as the rendered content is totally up to you. That's also why I said, that it is no replacement for node-red-dashboard. Anyway, I added screenshots of a very, very basic app to the documentation.

So with that little code and the sample app layout...

Sample App Code

... you get an app with a simple menu out of the box:

Sample App Code

Sample App Code


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