[Announce] uibuilder v2.0.4 published

2.0.4 - 2019-09-28


  • uib icon (blue node-red icon) to the detailed information page (uibindex) & logo to README

  • Look for the package.json browser property not just main and display it on the uibuindex page if available instead of main.


  • CHANGELOG.md changed to use "Keep a Changelog" recommended formatting which will facilitate the use of gh-release in the future. Also added link to list of commits between versions.

  • package.json

    • added browser property as per this spec (also here) to give hints to bundlers. Changed main to point to the server-side js.

    • Added directories.doc, directories.lib & directories.test

  • Updated the detailed information page (uibindex). Improved layout and added some additional useful debugging information. Included the URL for the common resources.

  • Dependent packages updated to latest


  • Fixed detailed information page (uibindex) issues:

    • Error in link url's

    • Error in "Main Entry Point" column if package.json didn't contain a main property.

  • Common folder was served as /<httpRoot>/<uibUrl>/common instead of /<httpRoot>/uibuilder/common. Added the 2nd form, note that the first form should not be used, it may be deprecated in a future release.

  • Incorrect default values


  • Spurious </a> from the detailed information page (uibindex)

  • Spurious console.log for oneditresize