Another "Best Practices" question

I currently have 16 flow tabs in Node-red that are grouped by common function. For example, I have in the "Downstairs Lights" flow, I control a few different lights:

Is this a normal arrangement of flows, or should each of these device controls be in a separate flow (tab)? What do you do?

If putting multiple device controls on the same flow tab is the best practice, then what do you call the individual flows on the the flow tab?

Organise them in the way that seems to make most sense to you. If you realise you can't easily find something then you have not organised them in the best way.

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I'd say you should do whatever feels right to you.

It sounds like you have them well organised already - grouping by function.

One alternative would be to group by location; so have a 'Family Room' tab and a 'Dining Room' tab. It really depends on what helps you to keep them organised and to find a particular flow when you need to.

As far as terminology goes, 'flow' is an overloaded term - but usually when used in context it doesn't matters. I do slip into referring to 'tabs' when I'm talking about how individual flows are arranged - even though a 'tab' is considered a 'flow'.