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Wondering if anything has happened with this - the ability in the editor to group common flows together (for instance i have 6 tabs to do with Battery and Solar control in my house) all of which work fine now and i do not need them cluttering the toolbar whilst i work on other (non related stuff)

There was a reference by Nick back in November in this thread - and i just wanted to make sure i had not missed it - if it had been addressed


If you are running a recent version of node-red, there is an option to hide the tab.

Screenshot from 2022-05-06 14-39-16

Yep - knew about that one thanks Andrew - but still need them visiable - it would be nice if they were like a Microsoft Windows Drop down with multiple ones to choose from


Sorry Craig. I was a bit quick replying and noticed the C as your icon.

I thought you would have known about that... But you (or more so: I) get CRAFT days.

The only other suggestion is: is to drag all those tabs to the right most and stick them at the end of your tab list.

Yeah dragging them to left is what i do when i have finished and all new tabs go to the rightand this is my "workspace" - just be nicer to have a cleaner way - but Nick/Dave/Steve have plenty on their plates !


Yeah, oops. Left, right..... Glad I don't have that problem when driving.

Anyway... How's things with the UPS (wasn't it?)?

It was the battery inverters for Storing Solar energy. Still the same issue - there is some problem between NR 2.2.2 and the latest Buffer parser.

I was getting too bogged down in it - so just used my Virtual Machine and rolled back to the previous snapshot.

Once i get a bit of breathing room i will put aside some time to get back into it (but might wait until NR 3 comes out of Beta)


That would be a great UI development.
Perhaps, if only for inspiration, adopt the OneNote method of having vertical folders on the left edge, then the tabs across the top are related to the folders. Should then be easy to carve up the ever growing collection of tabs into logical groups.
+1 for Nick and the gang to look at - perhaps even on a live stream....?

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