Grouped Tabs in Editor

Grouped tabs in the editor. Hiding and unhiding them is good, but if you need all the tabs it remains confusing. I have several tabs that I could group together (e.g. living room - light, heating, shutter etc.). Google Chrome and other browsers already support this.
That would be my wish for the next release of the editor. But also in the site menu of the dashboard I would welcome groups/submenus.


Sorry if hijacking this but I wanted something I think is the same for a long time.
If this is not what you have in mind @Hubertus please point out, I will then create another thread...

I am running Node-Red with Home-Assistant and have multiple tabs for different locations in my house and such.
What I am am thinking about is that you can control the grouping by naming the tabs with a separator char or something.
See this example:

So what if the "/" will work as a trigger to group the three tabs under "House" with a drop down menu:
Node-Red - Tab with drop down

This would not need anything special, just naming tabs will trigger grouping...

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Sounds good! That is a solution that works for my topic. Thanks.

Cool, though it is still just a request, I Photoshop'ed the images :D, hopefully someone will pick it up...

Being able to group tabs is definitely something to look at. But as you say, it sits on the backlog until someone (usually me) gets to it.

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