[req] Enable / Disable TABs from search list (v3.2+)

  1. I'd like to request an easier method to Disable / Re-enable TABs from the list.
  2. Maybe the filters could be enhanced too, (on the top-right corner,) to show only enabled / disabled...
  3. Also a "locked" / "unlock" button would be great.

If that's not possible, at least small icons should be visible to see:

  • which TAB is disabled,
  • which is locked
  • which is changed and need to be deployed


  • Also this very useful drop-down-list should reach the bottom, not just half of the screen.
    (Set height to max)

The reason:

I've just realized how much time it takes to disable all tabs one by one, if trying to test a new node which would conflict with the current one.
The base-concept of NR is to use many TABs = flows, to be organized more nicely, not to put many nodes on a few Tabs.
But scrolling tabs horizontally to find which tab needs to be enabled / disabled is currently not so practical.

And if the enhancement gods were to look on us kindly after a successful year, the ability to GROUP tabs would also be SUPER NICE! :sunglasses:

Only in this list or as a general feature? How would/could/should that look like?
What could/should be the key for grouping? Any what's the benefit at all... ?

Well both I suppose. :slight_smile:

For the list, that would be a normal tree layout. For the tabs themselves, It would either need to add another row above (which I suspect most people wouldn't like) or something similar to the way that grouped tags work in the Edge browser:


A "pill" is shown before the group with a colour and a narrow line of the same colour above the grouped tabs. In edge, the group can be collapsed simply by clicking on the pill.

Would need a new key, set manually when needed

This really enhances usability if you have a lot of tabs. At the moment, you can only hide tabs and then you have to unhide them if you want to access them. With grouping, you only need to click on the pill to collapse/expand the group.

This could also be integrated with PizzaProgram's suggestion so that you could dis-/en-able a complete group of tabs.

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If this feature is really considered,
than Instead of "Tab-group", an other naming would be better, so it won't be mixed with node-grouping, like:

Tab-collection / Collections

But I think it would be even better to use:


This way you could add multiple Tags to Tabs, and disable / enable ... or hide / show them by those.

I always prefer TAGs, because it does not make to much more effort to program, but it increasing the usability hugely.

For example:

  • disable all "summer-flows" TAG
  • hide all "test" TAG

A little similar to Wekan .

PS: @TotallyInformation it would have been nice, if you open your OWN topic for this, and do not mix mine with this request.
Maybe ask a @moderator to separate the 2 topics please?

I just discovered that this feature / style made its way as well into the Chrome browser.

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Yes, all of the Chromium-based browsers should have something similar.

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