How to Group flows

I have so much flows and they would make the tab seems very messy。
So, If there is a method to mange flows by group?

I'm simply a beginner but I found this useful.


Yes, see Groups : Node-RED

Thanks for reply. But there may be a mistake of my post。

As the image shows, I means there are so many tabs , and how to group these tabs.

Tag groups have been discussed before but never implemented (other features took precedence)

In short, tab grouping is not supported.

Would the ability to specify the colour of a tab be a useful change?
We could drag related tags together to give the appearance of groups.

There is no "Appearance" button in the editor tab config, but maybe it could be done by setting an environment variable for the tab, something like tabHSL = "140, 100%, 95%"?

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