Any method to slowdown gpsd report interval?

Hi Everyone.

I'm using a 4G modem's built-in GPS and GPSD for geofencing.

currently the serial port outputs gps info on 1s interval or less, hence gpsd would output and trigger the flow on the same interval. In my application 5s - 10s interval is more than sufficient, plus I noticed sometimes with 1s interval my flow freezes, not sure if that's too frequent update or something else.

I tried to look up slowing down gpsd report interval but found it doesn't seem to have this function as its build to handle GPS source data whenever available.

Is there a way to config gpsd to slower interval? Or add a note that forfeits/ignore input on certain interval

Insert a Delay node configured to Rate Limit at 1 message every 10 seconds, and to drop intermediate messages.

thanks, exactly what I was looking for

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