Anyone looked at the Node-RED flows on the Velocity edge device?

This mobile edge computing device aggregates multiple connectivity types into Node-RED logic to provide robust solutions across various industries.

Is this an ad??
Anyway, no specification available regarding cpu/gpu computing power, available memory (RAM) makes it a "hard-to-judge" candidate

The website certainly isn't GDPR compliant either so they are risking a rude contact from the Information Commissioner.

They use local storage and cookies and have several tracking items plus they use an external tracking agency ( - or at least they try to, blocked by the excellent and highly recommended AdGuard service. 29 separate scripts loaded.

But they don't give any warnings or opt-outs.

Oh, and just for fun, they use PHP, Plesk, NGINX and Windows servers for hosting. :grinning:
(Actually the windows part might be a proxy).

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Not sure what any of that has to do with Node-RED.

Let's keep it on topic.

Well it does say

Powered by NodeRED

Control the behaviour and functions of Velocity by allowing users to create bespoke applications and features easily with NodeRED, a leading behaviour graphical programming tool. The application has the ability to control the LMR radio, external interfaces and functionality of the EC-800.

THat's why I moved it to the hardware category. Potential users should know about the vendor.

Indeed, that is certainly on topic. A discussion about how they host their website isn't.

I just thought that this was an interesting use case for Node-RED application! They seem to using it as a means of reducing LTE traffic by using Node-RED flows to examine traffic from various data inputs.

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No worries, its just that some of us are more paranoid by nature :grinning:

Always nice to see Node-RED being used in commercial devices.

Just a shame that Simoco (based in Derbyshire) are letting themselves down somewhat by the quality of their website. This absolutely does have an impact on purchasing decisions. Or at least it should since it can be indicitive of the overall quality of the service and product. Indicates that at least one part of the business isn't paying attention to the details.

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