Anyone use the node-red-contrib-unifi node?

I've just got myself a Ubiquiti EDGE router. (Unifi family)

Can this node control it?

I am wanting to know if I can enable/disable devices on my network from being able to connect to the internet.
Kind of like Parent control but this is not timed. It is more When needed.
Rather than having to log into the router and mess about.
If this node can do this, it would be a lot nicer for me, because I can already log into the router and do those sort of things.

An Edge router is not part of the Unifi family (it runs EdgeOS vs UnifiOS). There is some unofficial API available to read device stats, but no config change type of things.


Oh drats.

Not the end of the world. That was only a bonus idea.

What you need is to use SNMP instead. But a minor warning - SNMP is another rabbit hole :sunglasses:

Alternatively you might be able to make changes using SSH scripting.

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ssh scripting sounds the way I may have to go.

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