Any clever / fun ways of using info from Unifi devices?

Bit of a general / ideas gathering question here.

Has anyone done anything clever with node-red-contrib-unifi, e.g. in the area of home automation - or anything really?

It provides loads of detailed info about what's connected to your network, site stats, access point health, switch port settings, online client devices, etc.

The obvious one is "do something when a client appears on the network". I'm not a huge fan of presence sensing based on whether my phone has connected, as I may have wifi turned off on my mobile device and therefore can't rely on this.

Any other ideas?

No, sorry, I did have some scanning set up showing some basic stats but I never used it and at the moment, my controller is offline & I haven't bothered to set it back up yet.

The one thing that really would be useful would be a check to make sure that the Wi-Fi is actually up. We have a problem that only shows itself maybe a couple of times a year when the Wi-Fi stops working. I generally don't notice but my daughter comes and complains.

Never used a Unifi device, but for sharing ideas, I have a beaglebone that periodically runs a speed test, 24/7

I'm using the linux client via an exec node. Mostly just for fun, but also gives me a baseline speed from a cable connection vs what I get through wifi. Can share the flow if you want, but I assume you may have a better way with Unifi. (and if there's a better way to do this in general, do tell)

Also, if you haven't already, check the Flows collection on this site: Library - Node-RED

I use Telegraf with InfluxDB and Grafana to track Internet performance.

I use it for presence detection. In work I have motion detection on cctv which sends a notification only if there is nobody there in the building. Works really well.

I like it because I don't have to enable/disable as people come and go, it is all automatic.

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