Hi All,
I wrote an HTTP EndPoint (http://X.X.X.X:1880/api/blabla?BLIBLI=bloblo)
that works fine when I request it from the same NR instance with GET HTTP,
it works fine also when I call it from another NR app running on another PC with another IP address,
BUT it fails when when I call it from a REST API Client I got the response : cannot GET url ...
and the HTTP Endpoint receives not request. It seems that the NR server isnot reachable, but port 1880 is open and responds to ping.

It must be a $*%#" configuration somewhere in settings.js

Lots of thanks if anyone can give me a hand on this topic


Have you considered this and this?
In short: You need to authenticate & have the adequate permissions defined to connect to Node-RED from external clients...

Hi Ralph

Thax for your feedback
SO I tried to get an Access Token that needs to be includfed in Authoriztion headers in the GET API REQUEST
For that i use the command as it is mentionned in NR cookbook :
curl http://localhost:1880/auth/token --data 'client_id=node-red-admin&grant_type=password&scope=*&username=XXXX&password=XXXX'

but the response is negative
Unauthorized'grant_type' is not an internal or external command
'scope' is not an internal command ....
same for 'password'

what's the matter ?


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