Appearance of Node connect

I was exploring node-red and was wondering if there is a way to change the color of connection only between two specific nodes(can be custom nodes/normal nodes)

Hi @Khk2000

To my knowledge, you cannot change the colour of wires.
the wires do not hold any user definable property.


You can change the colour of ALL the wires though.

This will make the wires thinner and blue:
A CSS file: mine is /home/pi/.node-red/editor.css containing this

.red-ui-flow-link-line {
        stroke: #0722fc;
        stroke-width: 1;

In settings.css change the editorTheme section like this

    /** Customising the editor
     * See
     * for all available options.
    editorTheme: {
       page: {
          css: "/home/pi/.node-red/editor.css"
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I'm afraid they don't even have an identifier in the HTML so anything you tried would be very fragile even if you managed to select the right wire.

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