Apply button on node Edit panel

I have quite a few large template nodes in my project that i sometimes work on.
When debugging the results i have to click ok and then deploy to see the changes.

After this i have to re-open the edit panel for the template node and then scroll to where i was working.

What i miss is a 'apply' button on the edit dialog so that i can edit, apply, deploy test and then edit again without losing track of where in the template i was working.

Is this something that others are interested in? i think it could be implemented without to any breaking changes by someone familiar with the node-red codebase.


If you are talking about a ui-template you can point to an external file.
If you are talking about the template node you could use a file-in node to read a file and pass it to the template node. In the template node put {{payload}} and what ever was in the file will be in the template.

so you edit thefile and save it and run the flow.

i'm talking about the normal template node.
But the apply button should be implemented on all nodes.

i have used file in nodes on the ui-template before but ended up with a normal template node that wrote to a file and then the file was read in to the ui-template.


This way i could edit the file directly in node red.

Since i run node-red on a raspberry pi at home and access the node-red gui from a lot of different pc's (both home and away from home) i want access to the template from within the node-red web-app and not rely on any software on the pc i'm using.

An apply button would solve everything for me.


This will need input from @dceejay or @knolleary I think. It would seem to be a fairly large change to the way Node-RED currently works though.

I've implemented a full editor in uibuilder for this reason but of course, that is changing static files rather than a dynamic one as the Template Node does and so is a very different case.

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I fail to see how adding a "apply" button could cause a major change. It is basically the same action just without closing the panel.

i had a look at the script and i think removing the last line from node-dialog-ok click handler would make it a apply button. "RED.tray.close()"

But somehow the deply button needs to be clickable when the panel is open.
There is otherwise no point in applying the changes.

One note. this does not only apply to template nodes. I also have a few function nodes that are quite large. an apply button would certanly be nice here also for the same reasons as in the template nodes.

Make a change, Apply, deploy and test without loosing track of where in the function node i was working.


Anybody else that see the use of an "apply" button and could implement it?

I can see how this might result in large changes (enabling deploy button because a node has changed etc) however, a request for a "node deploy" on the nodes configuration panel may be easier for the devs than rearranging all the UI code.

Perhaps if you try to implement it, post some screen shots, get some feedback and do a PR it might get accepted?

If that is a bit too much then perhaps story board / mock up with pictures might get devs attention and support?