Aqara Oppel Switch (3 keys) - node

First of all, I want to say "Hello" here.

I have a node-red problem. I need a control for "Aqara Oppel 3gang switch" which

It is best to switch this on / off in the "Toogle" function (device on IoBroker)
or directly a "level value" >> a HUE via Phoscon / Deconz >> e.g. 50% for ON and 0% for OFF

The switch brings me various "button events" via the deconz node when I press it

In the following photo you can see the different keys with the respective key codes. The (k) stands for a short button press, (l) for a long button press, (lr) for releasing the button after a long button press and the (d) for a double button press. (Source: )

This is what the data points look like in IoBroker (deconz adapter)

no profi here :frowning:

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