Arduino disconnected

Hi There, I'm using raspberry PI MODEL 3 A+, with arduino board connected in to usb

problem is after some time it is disconnected from raspberry pi, and I have to restart the RPI so that it is connected again.
How to solve this issue permanently ?

Why is it disconnecting ? Is there anything in the logs ? Is it busy at the time ? idle at the time ? A fixed period of time ? Same time of day ?

For all question it's No. I don't know whether it is fixed time busy or not but I think it is disconnected because when i give command through blynk it never turn on.

So I power off and on and then I give command.

Does Rpi's processor lag?

is there another solution for this so that i can work on it?

I would check power.

This has come up in other threads too.

Alternatively what happens if you unplug the ardino and replug it?

What do you mean it "disconnects"?

I'm guessing (yes: I have been told) you are sending serial commands to the ardino?

Is the RPI still otherwise functional?
If so: lsusb to see if it sees the USB port.

In NR, set something up which scans the USB ports.
It gets back a message with all USB port status (or what ever.)

After a while it does it again.
Compares second reply to first.
If they are different, it signals you.

That can help determine if there is a time related problem to it locking up. (it: the arduino)

Yes, all that is given the RPI is still alive.

But, for your consideration.