Are there any basic timers

I am brand new to Node-Red but I am trying to make or find a simple timer. I know there are a few things like bigtimer but they all seem to be based of times of day and such.

I just want a timer that I can type in a number and press "start". It will then run for the number of minutes entered and then stop. (this is for a raspberry pi so a simple output of 1 and 0)
It should also be able to stop at any point if a "stop" button is pressed.

Bonus would be if there was a visual. At the very least, a countdown visible on the dashboard, better if there was like the doughnut graph going from full to 0.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Send bigtimer the command “timer 30” and it runs for 30 seconds. Granted it does a bunch but as a basic timer it does that also. Any timer that displays on the dashboard is going to be up to you to code. Bigtimer is supported well and a bunch of people appear to use it. I tried several different timers before settling on that one and I feel most will tell you bigtimer is a good choice. If it doesn’t do what you want I would be astounded.

Have a look at this flow in a thread a while back:

This is a visual countdown timer with seconds as the unit but it could be easily changed to minutes.

that is actually almost perfect. Thank you!

Now I just need to figure out how to have it send the 1 and 0 to the raspberry pi gpio out node.

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