Array of data into a chart

Hey gents - I've seen a couple of similar threads but couldn't really find a solution
I have an array of data coming into node red on a raspberry pi 4 from an Allen Bradley PLC via Modbus TCP

10/27/2020, 9:19:05 PMnode: 3f5e666f.8851ead84ba55.5267058 : msg.payload : Object


data: array[24]

[0 … 9]

0: 61

1: 60

2: 60

3: 60

4: 60

5: 60

6: 60

7: 49

8: 52

9: 47

[10 … 19]

[20 … 23]

buffer: buffer[48]

I'm trying to take this to a barGraph - and it's just not working
funny enough - I can get one element to drive a gauge

I need to put a function in between my Modbus Flex getter and the chart node
I just dont know what script to put in it...

What format should those values be?

Have you seen the buffer parser node? It is pretty much built for taking raw PLC values and making sense of them.

The node has built in example flows and there is several recent posts on this in the forum (search buffer parser)

Hi Stephan
I thought let me put this in a .doc format so my screenshots makes more sense

(Attachment Hi Stephan.docx is missing)

Hi Stephan.pdf (189 KB)

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