Assertion `uv__has_active_reqs(req->loop)' failed

Hi all, I'm programming a node-red code with digital input and output of mraa-gpio library. Periodically I obtain the following error:
Assertion `uv__has_active_reqs(req->loop)' failed.

can some one help me?
many thanks

Hi @denissanga

without more context about the error (there must be more than just that in the error message?) then it is hard to be specific.

But a uv__... type error is coming from native code - so most likely a bug or issue with the mraa-gpio library. We aren't going to be able to help with an issue in a low-level library like that - you'd have to report it back to the maintainers of whichever mraa-gpio library you are using.

thank you very much for your answer.

I'm using a simple branch which read an digital input in iot2050 siemens and
digital input ON -> digital output OFF
digital input OFF -> digital output OFF

Always I can turn on the output but when I try turn off the external input the application crashes without other details if not the following line:

./src/threadpool.c:329: uv__queue_done: Assertion `uv__has_active_reqs(req->loop)' failed.

I'm using mraa-gpio library version 2.2.0 on iot2050siemens

many thanks

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