Asymmetric deadband settings in filter node

Hi all,

New to Node Red, and had a corner case that I could not seem to accomplish with core nodes. I wanted to filter out all messages where a specific value was decreasing (items in a to do list), and only allow increasing values to continue in the flow. At first I tried using the node red supplied filter node, but this was also allowing through a value delta of -1, not just +1. I ended up creating a more complicated flow that stashed the value in the flow context, read it back out, used a switch node to "filter" out decreasing messages via the > operator, etc. Then I realized this was basically what the filter node was already doing anyway, but I just could not find a way to configure the filter node to get what I wanted in the first place.

So, my question is "Was there a more elegant way to accomplish this functionality that I did not stumble upon in my searching?". If the answer is no, then please consider this a feature request for being able to set the filter node to:

  • have different deadband exclusion parameters for an increase in value or decrease in value compared to last
  • have the deadband extend to infinity in one direction (i.e. filter all decreasing values)
  • consider also allowing asymmetric and infinite narrowband configuration as well?


  • DH

I would think that most of us would simply record the previous value to context and then use a switch to compare new with old.

I did stumble across a more elegant solution for this exact use case, thanks to the Home Assistant state change node providing the previous state value also...

But I think this FR still has some merit for increasing the functionality of the filter node, though I will concede that this FR is not a huge priority.

There are plenty of nodes in the catalogue, probably worth having a browse at gates and perhaps finite state machine nodes? Some of these may well do what you are looking for.