Audio on homepage

I need to have an audio playing when I open the dashboard homepage. Is it possibile? If yes, in what way? Thank in advance

Hmmmm, first thing I would do is a search (in the flows tab) using 'audio' to see what is avaliable.

Thanks for the reply. I try using tts_google, but it wants a msg.payload on input and I'm not able to pass from my dashboard. I search and I find node-red-contrib-play-audio. Must I use this?

There is an audio node built into dashboard. You can trigger it from a connect message using the ui-control node. But quite a few browsers now block auto playing audio, so it may not work.

Yes, but I would like to play audio every time I open the page without a click

If it is just for you, I beleive you can change the browsers preferences and have it play. If it is for others to use, you may have some people who will not be happy with you (I would be one. If I go to a site that auto plays sound I don't go back)

I explain better the problem.
It's not a public site, but is the homepage of my domotic dashboard.
I need to play a sound only once e only when I open the dashborad home page.

If I use "Audio Out Node" is ok, but "Audio Out Node" need a msg.payload on input.
If I "inject" or if I use the output, for example of a "Exec node", is ok and play perfectly my msg.payload.
But what about pass "msg.payload" from a webpage?
I've also try this "

;" on a template node, but goes in loop and repeat infinitly the word "Benvenuti" (also if I change the page).

Any suggestions?
Thank you

try adding a ui_control node set to 'Change tab event only' and feed it to the ui_audio node

I've solved in this way:
"Ui control node" control every tab change event on Dashboard
"Change node" search for 0 (First TAB), replace with a string then move to msg.payload.
The output is passed to "Audio out node" that speak.


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