Audio Player Options

Hi all, with the play sound node, I'm trying to figure out the best way to loop some audio...lets say the application is for a background music player.

I see the options to pause/resume, but no option to loop. I'm trying to figure out what does " options : Options - If empty, then the one in dialog is used" mean? Is there like a '-L' flag or something I can pass to get the file to loop? Is there a way to see what player it is using behind the screen? (mplayer/VLC) and then would that allow me to pass command line arguments in the msg.options?

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Thanks for the reply miker256, however I am looking to loop a audio file, not create a loop from a drum machine.

This example creates a queue where the next thing starts when the one before finishes
It should be possible to adapt this to just repeat instead of taking the next item.

have you looked at node-red-contrib-play-sound? I use it for a music box I built. It emits a msg when the sound is finished playing. You could check for that and feed back to the input to cause the loop.

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I like that solution! Thanks Zenofmud. I saw the bit about the on completion message, just wasn’t thinking about using it to my advantage.