Authentication fails with correct password

i want to secure the node-red webinterface with a username/password. I followed the guides and updated settings.js with the authentication section to create an admin account with a hashpassword, and restart node-red.

i now get the login screen on the web interface. so far so good.

when i try to log in it doesnot work. i get straight back into the login screen. no message. if i try non-existant accounts or wrong passwords, i get login failed, but with the correct data, nothing. but i also don't get in.

i have no idea how to get it to work properly. i reverted to no-login which i don't want, but need to actually make flows. any pointers would be highly appreciated.


Ive seen an issue where the login worked when i entered the password in lowercase (even though i am certain i had an uppercase character in it when i generated the hash) - never looked into why (assumed it was mistyped by myself) - worth a try.

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