Authentication on settings.js doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I have developed an application in Node Red to which I was able to assign an administrator username and password to access the nodes I created, and another one for the dashboard. However, I want to upload this project to oracle cloud to be able to access at any time and place. To do this I created a VM and installed Node Red on it. Everything works fine, but when I modify the settings.js file, to create the username and password that I had in my local project, this modification does not work, and no matter how many times I use different browsers or incognito mode, it never asks me for authentication.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Have you restarted Node-RED after making the changes to settings.js?

Have you checked you are editing the same settings.js file that Node-RED is using? Node-RED logs the full path to the file it is using when it starts up.

Hi @knolleary

Yes to both questions. I have retarted Node-RED after making those changes. First of all, I stop Node-RED execution, make the changes, then I restarted it.

The settings.js path is the same that I edited. I thought that it was the problem but it didn't. Even I created aother settings.js file and tried to start up with this file, but i didn't work.


I tried again, and I saw that my settings.js file is here: /home/nodered/.node-red/settings.js but I can't get in there, I got this error: -bash: cd: /home/nodered/.node-red/: Permission denied

Someone can help me with this?

Thank you!

Are you logged in as the user nodered?

Hi @Colin

No, I didn't. I just installed it on my VM, tried to modify my settings.js. Then I saw that my settings file path was inside of nodered folder which I cannot access because that error in my last comment. Where or how I have to login? Could you tell me how to do it please?

Thank you. Regards

How did you install node-red on the VM? Presumably that it where it got installed as that user.

I installed it manually using this command: bash <(curl -sL

When it asked me to create the directory under nodered user, I said yes. Could it be the problem?.

Guys, finally I could make it.

I reinstalled Node Red on my VM. Then I changed the user to root, and installed nodered again. Then I modified my settings.js, restarted and woolaa I worked.

Thank you for your help, time and patience. Greetings.

That is almost certainly a bad plan. The install script will, by default, install it to run as the user logged on when you run the installer.

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