Auto hiding status bar on android device


Is there a way to set the dashboard to hide status bar (top of the android screen + browser top screen with the url field)
I have dashboard where the size is set for my mobile phone (see attached picture), but I didn’t found the way how to hide top of the screen as other web pages do.


Don't know about the auto hide, but permanent option is available here


Thank you, I know this option but this is not what I mean (maybe I was not clear enough in my post).
I am looking for the functionality, where Android is hiding the top of the browser screen (the url field), as other pages usually do when scrolling up the browser window.


On iOS, you can do this by adding the Dashboard to your home screen, when you launch it that way, you don't get the url line.


Same goes for android devices


When visiting web pages using Android, they usually have this functionality... I will investigate on Android forums...


Yes, adding the url to the "home" screen solved my problem.
Adding following meta did not help.

<meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">


I have found very good info source about the native fullscreen here


Search the store for Kiosk browsers as well.


Thank you, Robbo, your tip was exactly what I wanted.
I have installed "Fully Kiosk Browser & app lockdown" from the Android app store.
This works exactly as I wanted. No status bar, no browser url field...
All screen for the web page with NR dashboard.
A lot of things to improve (width, buttons), but this is the way.