Any app that shows Dashboard on fullscreen?

Hi, maybe you have a quicker idea than me, my goal is to show the dashboard fullscreen on an Android tablet and maybe keep the screen always on . If I use a typical browser I can't hide the top bar, any ideas? I've tried Remote Red, which is almost what I need talking about grophics (I would anyway prefer a direct WiFi connetion instead of cloud and dependency from internet), but it's a payment app.
Thank you

Search for kiosk browser on Play Store.

I would suggest the open source app „Wall Panel“

Lot of cool features and open source!


The Dashboard settings include an option to hide the title bar.
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Thank you buddies for kind answers, „Wall Panel“ is definely the solution, great suggestion! I invite everyone to test it too. Pity it's not available for iOS..

I'm using myself fully kiosk browser for Android.
Worth every penny.


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